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Monday, May 13, 2019

Pikachu Cake

When I made a bunny cake for my 2 year old's birthday, my son said I could make his cake the same way...but a Pikachu cake! I think it turned out quite well, and my little Pokemon fan was happy.
DIY Pikachu Cake #pokemon

The steps for making a Pikachu cake are the same as a bunny cake...you will need white frosting, yellow frosting, Fruit Roll-Ups, mini marshmallows, and chocolate frosting.

Bake two 8 or 9 inch round cakes.
Pikachu Cake
Cut ears out of one of the cakes. I cut the cake in half then cut the ears from the middle section of the cake, so they were a bit longer than the bunny ears.
Pikachu Cake
Put the ears next to the face and frost them with white frosting to catch all of the crumbs.
Pikachu Cake
Then frost with yellow frosting. I found "Neon Yellow Vanilla" at Walmart and it was perfect. Or you can just color white frosting yellow.
Pikachu CakePikachu Cake
 I used a toothpick to draw a line across the ears where the brown tips are. I then used an icing tip to make the line with chocolate frosting and then frosted the rest of the tips with chocolate frosting.

For the eyes, I used a spice jar lid to make an outline on the face. I then piped chocolate frosting on the line. I cut a mini marshmallow in half and placed it in the eye. I microwaved some chocolate frosting on 50% power until it was liquidy and poured it into the outline of the eyes.

For the nose and mouth I used a toothpick to make the lines I needed and piped chocolate frosting along those lines.

For Pikachu's cheeks, I unrolled a Fruit Roll-Up, used a spice jar lid to trace around and cut out the circles.
Pikachu Cake #pokemon

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