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Monday, September 11, 2017

Easy Fall Decor: Pumpkins

I love decor that is easy, affordable and versatile. These pumpkins are made from construction paper and chenille stems! Plus they're easy to make, and kids can make them with you.
Simple Fall Decor: Pumpkins
Another bonus is that they work for the entire fall season.
Thank you Apartment Therapy for the cute idea and instructions.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Crazy Hair Day for Boys- Spider Web

I've been waiting anxiously for crazy hair day to come around so I could try something new on my boys' hair (it's so much harder to do crazy things in boys' hair!!!). Finally we got to try out crazy spider web hair:
Crazy Har Day for boys

I had to use quite a bit of gel and even then the web didn't stay down very well around the edge of their faces, but it looked awesome on top. My 7 year old said he was very popular that day at school :).

Thank you Sweet Sugar Blossoms for the fantastic idea!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Popsicle Stick Challenge

Over the summer, our local library had a Popsicle stick challenge. Each contestant was given 150 sticks to build whatever we wanted. Here are the entries from our family:
Popsicle Stick Challenge
The rules were simple...we could only use Popsicle sticks, cardboard and school glue. I made the windmill, my 10 year old made the tower and ship, my 3 year old made the train shed (with a bit of help), and my 8 year old made the parking garage.

What would your family make with 150 Popsicle sticks?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

"All Saints" and a giveaway (ends 8/18/17)

There is a huge variety of movies that are in theaters right now, or are coming out soon. If you are hoping to go to the theater later this month, look into "All Saints"! It is a movie about a salesman-turned-pastor who is ordered to shut down a church, but is also trying to help a group of refugees.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Rockin' Out this Summer!

Our city is going crazy over this new rock game...hiding and finding painted rocks!
Painted Rock Fun
In the collage above, the top two pictures are rocks we found, and the bottom two are rocks we painted and hid. The rules are simple:
  • On the back of the rock, write the hashtag for your city. Check on Facebook to see if there's a group already, or start your own.
  • Hide your rocks around town.
  • If you find a rock, take a selfie or picture of it and post it to the group Facebook page.
  • You can leave the rock, re-hide the rock somewhere else, or keep it. If you keep it, you have to replace it with a different painted rock.
In our community people of all ages are getting involved. It's so much fun finding rocks and there's a huge variety from talented artists, to rocks clearly painted by 2 year olds. My kids have spent hours painting, hiding and hunting for rocks.

I've read that it started as the Kindness Rocks Project, and has spread throughout the country. Get involved while your kids are out of school and see how much fun it is!


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