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Monday, January 19, 2015

Egg Heads!

When my son was in Pre-K he came home one day and exclaimed that we had to make grass heads. I started searching on Pinterest and found some cute ideas with panty-hose, but since I didn't have any at the time, we looked for other options. One of those was egg heads.And so we made our own egg heads, or grass heads!
Egg head @ whatilivefor.net
These were so fun to make and watch as the grass grew into crazy hair! All you need are: empty egg shells, egg carton, marker, dirt, grass seed.

  1. As you are using eggs, make sure to crack them at the top so most of the egg shell is intact. Empty the egg, rinse the shell and let it dry. 
    Egg head @ whatilivefor.net
  2. Have everyone who is participating draw a face on their egg shell with permanent marker.
    Egg head @ whatilivefor.net
  3. Fill the egg shell most of the way with dirt.
    Egg head @ whatilivefor.net
  4. Add a sprinkling of grass seed.
    Egg head @ whatilivefor.net
  5. Cover the seed with more dirt.
  6. Put your shells in the egg carton. I cut mine down to four spots so it took up less room.
    Egg head @ whatilivefor.net
  7. Water whenever the dirt looks dry. You only need a tiny bit of water.
  8. Watch as the grass starts to sprout and grow! My husband enjoyed giving his egg head "haircuts" to make the hair look and grow neater.
    Egg head @ whatilivefor.net
Egg head @ whatilivefor.net
This is a fun way to watch growth during the cold winter months. When you're done with them, you can plant them outside in your lawn and see if they keep growing!

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