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Monday, January 5, 2015

Silly Snowman Game

If the cold weather is driving you nuts and keeping everyone indoors, celebrate the snow with a silly snowman game. Inspired by Chicken Babies “Roll a Monster Snowman” and similar to our silly pumpkin game, it’s easy, free and fun!Silly Snowman Game @ whatilivefor.net
Cut out a bunch of snowman parts from construction paper: lots of body parts (I traced two different size jars), hats, carrot noses, stick arms, eyes, and coal. I used pom-poms for our coal and googly eyes, but we had those on hand.
Silly snowman game Write up a rule sheet like below:silly snowman game rule sheet Everyone gets to roll the die. You have to get a body part first, then you can start to glue on other snowman features as you go along. The game is more fun the sillier you get. assembling silly snowman You can keep playing until everyone has a complete snowman, or someone wins by “finishing” their snowman first. Silly Snowman Game @ whatilivefor.net I’ll be linking up to…

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