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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beat Ants with Combat (Review & Giveaway)

If you’re struggling with ants in your home, it can get frustrating. I hate using bug spray, especially in my kitchen which is why I can appreciate products like Combat Ant Bait & Gel.

With the Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait, you just break apart the six bait stations and place them wherever ants may be entering your home…the ants go in the stations and grab the bait only to take it home to the nest where they share their goods and take out the whole colony! Sounds perfect if you want to really nip your ant problems in the bud.

With Combat Source Kill Max Ant Gel, there is a plunger filled with bait that you apply wherever you have ants in your home (doors, under cabinets, etc). Again, the ants take the bait back to their nests and share with all the other ants and the queen.

Both products are easy to apply/place and I really like that the bait is child resistant so I don’t have to worry about my boys getting into it (quite as much). The bait was easy to place around my home in inconspicuous places and they last for up to 3 months. We don’t have an ant problem currently, but should the problem arise, the gel looks easy enough to apply and I like that it can be applied places that my kids probably won’t get it on themselves.

Through Sep. 14th, you can enter to win $1000 so you can get rid of ants and host your own Bug Free Backyard Bash. If you are having an ant problem and would like to try Combat Source Kill Max Ant Gel & Bait, please enter the giveaway below:
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Disclosure: Combat provided a free sample of their Ant Bait and Gel so I could review them. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own. 


  1. Yes- some really tiny ones. They are driving me crazy.

  2. we have carpenter ants in the spring/summer

  3. I am not, but our house is subject to them. jessicapeeling@yahoo.com

  4. I get them in the kitchen every now and again. I'm not sure why it is very random. I would love to try this.