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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Balloon Rocket

C and I are on our own during the day now that K is in kindergarten (how did that happen?!) so I’m always trying to figure out ways to keep us entertained. One day we made a balloon rocket and C loved it!P1040082

P1040079Take a straw and thread it onto a long piece of yarn. Tie the yarn to two chairs or across the deck. Blow up a balloon and while pinching the opening shut, tape it to the straw. Let go and watch the balloon fly…the first few times the balloon went clear across the deck but by the time I got a picture the elasticity of the balloon must have lessened considerably because it wasn’t traveling as far, but it was still fun to watch and C laughed every time :).

With older kids you can make it more interesting by researching the how’s and why’s of this activity.

I’ll be linking up to Mom’s Library, Mommy Solutions, Kids Get Crafty and What Are Little Boys Made Of?


  1. Cue idea! You're so good at keeping the kids entertained.

  2. Oh what brilliant fun. This is such great activity.

    I had to take it off Kids Get Arty link up, hope that that is ok - as Kids Get Arty is specifically about linking up Art Projects that relate to a Great Artist. I do hope that that is ok, and please DO come and link it next week - when "anything goes" again!!!


    1. AND THANK YOU for sharing on Kids Get Crafty this week :-)!


  3. I love this one. It is fun to have the kids decorate the balloon before they blow it up too. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!