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Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Letters

I am republishing parts of this post from last year because today is C's 2nd birthday!!! I plan to sit down later today and write my handsome little boy a letter to preserve the memories I have of this last year with him.

The night before I got married, my mom handed me a stack of envelopes with dates written on them. Each envelope was unique and had aged a certain degree. Greatly puzzled, I began opening the envelopes and inside each one was a letter written to me by one of my parents on several of my birthdays. It was incredible to see my past through my parents eyes as they described what I was like at different ages, how they felt at the time and lessons we were all learning. I had absolutely no idea that each year, amidst all of the birthday chaos, one or both of my parents tried to write me a letter.

Ever since I read those letters, I decided that this was something I wanted to do for each of my children. It's one way I can easily pause time whenever I pull these out over the years and remember how far my boys have come. I love writing these letters because I get to write about who my boys were at the time of their birthdays; interests, funny stories, little quirks they have…anything I think they would enjoy learning about themselves when they are grown up. This is one gift that will outlast many of the toys or treats they will receive over the years, and hopefully one they will cherish.

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  1. I love that idea! I did something like that. I bought a blank book for each of my children and wrote in it at random times throughout the years. The first two have received their's as they are now adults. My baby will get his in a few years.

  2. So wat's the age of your children and what kind of Letters are you thinking to write to them ?

  3. @rajumadhur, my boys are 4 and 2. I just write simple letters telling them of what they were like at the time of that letter...anything I think they might like to know about themselves when they are grown up.

  4. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift! Happy belated birthday to C :D