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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Works for me Wednesday

We Are That Family hosts Works for me Wednesday (WFMW) every week with tips and such that other bloggers can link to. This week they are doing a backwards WFMW where we ask a question of our readers so here goes:
My issue right now is dry hands. Well, that's my issue all winter long, every winter. Right now I have a deep crack in one of my fingers and it really inhibits what I am willing to do, but I still have to wash my hands constantly, do dishes, scrub dirty clothes...
I usually resort to pure vaseline because normal lotion doesn't do the trick but it's so greasy and I worry about it staining any fabric I come in contact with. Does anyone have a super good lotion or trick for salvaging my poor hands?


  1. The thing that saves my cracked fingers is Nexcare. It comes in a little bottle like fingernail polish but it works like a liquid bandaid. You apply a layer and it protects the cut so it can heal. I have to apply it according to how much water use I have in a day. But usually morning and night for about two days will be enough to seal the crack so it will heal after that. It has been a lifesaver for me. Find it in the pharmacy dept.

  2. Any lotion with cocoa butter seems to work better for me -- hand CREAMS vs. LOTIONS are also thicker and cling better to the skin. SkinMD and Bath and Body Works' handcare lines are both great. For cuts like that, I put a bandaid with Neosporin on it while I sleep -- it's much better the next day (the only time it can heal without my hands getting wet is during the nighttime)!
    Good luck -- I can empathize!

  3. I have been struggling with dry hands this winter too! I just found a trick that seems to be working. I found some moisture locking gloves at Target ($3.99 I think?) and you just use your favorite lotion or cream-cream is usually better- then put the gloves on and leave them on overnight. When you wake up, your hands will be so much better.

  4. I'm a dermatology physician assistant, and washing hands before and after every patient means handwashing at least 60 times a day just at work. Then at home too with chores!

    The best cream I have found is CeraVe. My hands used to crack and bleed every winter. This stopped it. It moisturizes at a deeper layer of the skin, and lasts through about 8 handwashings. And it doesn't leave your hands greasy, because the lotion sits deeper in your skin.

    It's available at larger drugstores (like Walgreens). I'd also recommend the gloves mentioned above. Just simple white cotton gloves will do too.

    CeraVe cream several times a day, plus at night with gloves and I promise your hands will improve!

  5. I'm also a lover of vaseline for my hands, but use it mostly at night because I also fear the greasies. In the daytime, I like Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula hand cream. There's cheaper stuff on the market, but a tube of this stuff lasts practically forever. It's still a little greasy, but soaks in quickly, which makes it different from vaseline.