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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Testing, testing...

I sometimes forget how smart kids can be, and many times don't even realize my kids know something until I discover it by accident. Recently I was flustered with K with regards to going potty and after cleaning up I told him to just put his own underwear on while I took care of something else. To my shock, he sat down and put his underwear on all by himself. I had no idea he could do this! I've come to learn that sometimes you have to test kids to find out what they know because they won't just come out and tell you the life lessons they've learned. I do this when we're reading books where I read parts of pages and leave it blank to see if K is familiar with the book or not, and he often astounds me with the words he knows.
The best part is the smile I get from him when he first realizes something he can do. It's totally worth the extra time it takes to wait for him to chime in instead of just rushing through something.

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