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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I just tried eggplant for the first time and it was very different from what I expected. Apparently the eggplant is related to tomatoes!
Anyhow, I was at the grocery store with my husband who saw the eggplant and decided to get it; he said that we could go home and look up a recipe. I highly encourage this because if you don't do it right then, it will be forgotten and opportunities will be lost.
We used an Eggplant Pasta recipe from my How to Cook Everything cookbook by Mark Bittman. It's a long recipe, and took quite a while to make because you have to salt the eggplant and let it drain, then you have to saute it before adding it to the rest of the recipe.
I won't post the recipe on here because it's super long, unless there is enough interest in it, but I just wanted to say how fun it was to try something totally new. I went back for seconds, and even ate a bit more as I was putting the leftovers away. K even ate all of his and he can be quite the picky eater!

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