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Monday, October 3, 2022

Handprint Bats


Handprint Bats
Here's a quick Halloween craft you can do with your kids...handprint bats! You can have different sized bats if parents and kids all participate.

  1. Trace and cut out two of your child's (or your own) handprints. We did purple construction paper for some more color contrast.
  2. Cut out:
    1. A purple oval and a smaller black oval.
    2. A purple circle for the head.
    3. Two purple triangles.
    4. Two little feet.
  3. Glue the handprints to the purple oval, and attach all of the other shapes.
  4. Add on some googly eyes, and draw on a little mouth. We used chalkboard markers, but any marker will work.
  5. Hang your cute little creation upside down and admire your work.
Thank you Simple Everyday Mom for the cute idea!

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