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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

7 Overlooked Reasons To Visit Oklahoma

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Oklahoma may not be everyone’s first choice of state to visit for a vacation, but it has a lot more going for it than most people realize. Below are just a few great overlooked reasons to visit Oklahoma. 

1.   Quirky museums

There are many weird and wonderful museums in Oklahoma for those that like offbeat attractions. In Oklahoma City, you’ll find both the American Banjo Museum (dedicated entirely to banjos) and The American Pigeon Museum (dedicated entirely to pigeons). The state is also home to the Shattuck Windmill Museum, which features an outdoor collection of various windmills of all shapes and sizes. My kids love the 45th Infantry Museum in OKC.

2.   Fantastic food

If you’re looking for great food, Oklahoma will also not disappoint. Being a big cattle breeding state, you won’t have to look far for a steak restaurant where you can try an authentic ‘sooner steak’. The state is also known for its unique fried foods including fried okra, fried onion burger and fried catfish. Wash these down with some local craft beers. 

3.   Roadside oddities

Route 66 runs directly through Oklahoma and there are plenty of quirky roadside attractions to keep your eyes out for. Outside Arcadia, look out for the 66ft soda bottle over the top of Pop’s futuristic soda store. Meanwhile, while approaching Tulsa, try to look out for the 21-ft statue of Buck Atom the space cowboy. Then of course, there’s the Blue Whale of Catoosa which you cannot miss when passing through Catoosa. Oklahoma’s Route 66 museum is also worth checking out. 

4.   Rich history

Oklahoma has a fascinating and rich history. Despite being one of the newest states, its Native American history runs deep - some of the oldest records of human occupation in the US have been found in Oklahoma. The First Americans museum in Oklahoma City is the best place to explore this history. You’ll also find many museums dedicated to Oklahoma’s more recent history including its part as an oil producer and jazz music breeding ground. 

5.   Picturesque prairies

The prairies of Oklahoma feature some breathtaking natural sights including beautiful lakes and mountain views. You’re also likely to find many herds of bison across this state. The Wichita Mountains are probably the most popular location in Oklahoma for those craving an outdoor adventure - you’ll find many great hiking trails here. 

6.   Eccentric architecture

Oklahoma boasts some pretty unusualarchitecture. Tulsa is particularly known for its strange buildings including the Art Deco flavored Boston Avenue Methodist Church and ominous windowless Abundant Life Building. In fact, it’s worth taking a walk/drive around Tulsa just to take in some of the amazing architecture. Don’t forget about the Center of the Universe in Tulsa!

7.   Affordable prices

Compared to many other states,Oklahoma is very affordable to live in. You won’t have to take too much spending money when travelling here - a pint of beer costs no more than $3, while a cup of coffee costs about $2.25. Hotels are generally quite cheap, as is public transportation. If you’re looking for an inexpensive getaway in the US, consider Oklahoma. 

Bonus Reason: the people in Oklahoma are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. True there are some grumpy folks, but for the most part, they will rush to hold the door open for you, greet you with a smile and wish you the best of days.

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