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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Frugal Summer Fun, part 4

I know this series is going on forever, but I don’t want my list of fun activities to be too overwhelming!
And for more local fun:
  • Check out kidsbowlfree.com to see if local bowling centers allow your kids to bowl twice a day for free
    • This does not include shoe rental
    • They often offer family passes for adults too
  • Go ice blocking
    • Freeze a large block (big enough to sit on) of ice in a storage container, take to a hill, cover with a towel and slide down the hill…most fun you’ve had in ages!
    • Make sure it’s not illegal wherever you live
  • Tour a fire station or police station
    • Call a week before to set up the tour
  • Many churches and gyms and free or discount zumba classes…it’s all the rage!
  • Check out state or county fairs towards the end of summer
  • Go to the dollar theater, or check out local theaters to see if they have free matinee showings for kids movies such as Regal Cinemas.
  • Visit your local zoo (get a family pass or look on their website for free or discount days)
  • Check out museums or historical markers (again, look for discount days!)
  • Look at your city’s website for local events such as concerts or shows.
  • Tour local factories
I hope this series has provided you with some useful ideas to keep entertained during the hot summer months! Again, if you have any suggestions or ideas, please comment and if there are enough comments, I will do another post at the end of the series highlighting comments.
If you’ve missed my earlier posts in this series, check them out here:

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