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Monday, July 12, 2010

Frugal Summer Fun, part 3

Continuing on with my series on frugal summer fun, here are some ideas for things to do around town:
  • See if your city has a free splash pad for kids to play in. If not, there is probably a fountain somewhere that lets kids play in it.
  • Many malls have a play area
  • Go to the library
    • Ours has a play area, story time, music time, and arts and crafts, all free and for various ages
    • Participate in the summer reading program…some are much better than others
    • Check out movies for free!
  • Go on small hikes in the morning or evening
    • Hike to a lake and swim
  • Walk around a local university…many have great grants for landscaping and are beautiful this time of year
    • We used to ride our bikes around the campus close by, and visited the duck pond often
  • Go to local parks
    • Explore and find new parks
  • Attend Lowe’s Build and Grow, Home Depot, Michael’s, and Toys R Us workshops
    • Many require registration beforehand
  • Go to Borders or Barnes & Noble for reading time
  • Volunteer for service projects
For more fun around town, come back tomorrow!
If you’ve missed the previous posts in this series, check those out too for other fun ideas at home:
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