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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Box Car

We got a sweet deal on Pampers diapers at diapers.com, and with that sweet deal came a sweet box!
K fell in love with the box and has been playing with it for a couple of days now and today I knew we had to make it something more...

A car!
When I was in primary, or the children's group at church, we all brought our own cardboard cars to the church and had a drive-in movie. I remember playing with those cars for ages afterwards. My husband had to make cardboard cars for scouts and they had relay races in their cars (cut a hole in the bottom and hold the box up to run with it around your waist). So with fond reminiscing and a hope I didn't just destroy the box before making it anything like a car I set out with a box cutter...

Just the effort was worth it because K would periodically exclaim "I like my car Mommy!"

After cutting the flaps off the top I cut doors in the sides and windows in the front and backs.
Using the flaps from the top I cut a steering wheel and 4 wheels. K got to help paint the wheels. I just attached the steering wheel using a pen cap which allows it to turn quite effectively.

I cut out colored circles for the lights and made a little license plate for the back. K got to help glue them on and was the one insisting we have certain colored lights, which were right, and I was so impressed with his understanding of the lights on cars. When I asked him where he was driving, he told me the library and the store. That's my boy!

I even got to take the car on a test drive!


  1. Love that car. Thanks for the follow Friday. Following you back now :)

  2. cute! thank you for following from friday follows i am now following you back. I have a post where I made a firetruck out of box's for my son's 5th birthday I hope you come by and check it out. :)

  3. I like that box! So cute little guy! Mine just turned 9 months old today. Oh yeah, I got to post about that, lols, just doing my first tag routine so "Tag, you're it!"