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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Simple but Impressive Lunch Ideas To Serve Your Guests

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Hosting a luncheon can be stressful, you want to put on an enjoyable array of fine foods for your guests to enjoy. That said getting the inspiration for impressive lunches that won’t take you all morning to make or add to your stress levels isn’t always easy. So, below are some simple yet show-stopping servings suitable for any lunch date. 

Photo credit; Kasumi Loffler from Pexels

Tomato Bruschetta

 This classic Italian dish is perfect for warm summer gatherings and is fresh, tasty, and packed with flavor. It can be served as a starter or part of a wider tapas meal. All you need is a crusty loaf of bread, tomatoes, red onions, garlic, basil, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl with the vinegar and oil and allow to rest and soak up the flavor. Meanwhile, slice the bread diagonally and toast lightly so both sides are brown. You then simply load the tomato mixture onto your lightly toasted bread. A perfect, fresh, easy lunch option. 

 Lobster rolls

 If you want to pull out the stops then lobster is always the way to do it. What is more, it is a great ingredient to give your lunch the wow factor. These delicious lobster rolls only require a handful of ingredients; lobster, celery, lemon, hot dog rolls, (option lettuce), mayonnaise, and seasoning. Again, you simply combine the ingredients (not the rolls, obviously), toast the hot dog rolls, and fill. It couldn’t be simpler. Here’s how to make the best lobster rolls, in more detail.

 Chicken pot pie

 Chicken pot pie is a perfect warming winter recipe that is easy to share with friends. You need cooked chicken, a bag of frozen veg, mushroom soup, chicken soup, pre-rolled pastry, and seasoning. A top tip is to buy your veg pre-prepared as this will save you time and effort. As above, you combine all of your ingredients in a bowl and mix together. You then spread this out into a pie dish and top with pastry. Another impressive yet easy-to-make meal to feed all your guests. 

 Cheese Fondue 

 Cheese fondue is a perfect social option that involves very little prep and next to no cooking time. It is the perfect sharing dish. You simply pour white wine and lemon juice into a pan and heat it on a low heat until it starts to steam. Slowly add cheese (gruyere and emmental work best) and keep whisking until all the cheese has been melted and mixed together. Once all melted, add to a sharing bowl and enjoy. 

 Use crusty bread, vegetable sticks, or potatoes as the perfect dipping accompaniment. Another great tip is to serve up with pickles and chutneys for extra flavor.

Simple champagne cocktail

I personally don't drink alcohol and can't give much advice on this topic, but for some, luncheons are best served with a cold cocktail on the side. A kir royale is a great option for a flavorsome twist on a glass of bubbles. Simply add blackcurrant liqueur to your glass of fizz and a fresh blackberry to garnish your cocktail. 

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