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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Reclaimed Wood Candy Corn Sign

We have a bunch of old fence panels and I am having fun finding ways to use them for different signs. I was pretty pleased with how this Candy Corn Sign ended up:
Reclaimed Wood Candy Corn Sign

I cut three triangles from one fence panel.
Reclaimed Wood Candy Corn Sign

Then I rounded out the corners and sanded them.

I painted them all like candy corn...just don't forget that yellow is on bottom, orange in the middle, and white on top!

Use sand paper to distress the edges a bit.
Reclaimed Wood Candy Corn Sign
I took a narrow panel and sawed it so that the bottom was pointed to use as a stake, and screwed the candy corns onto the stake.

Using a permanent marker, I free-handed the "trick or treat" and sealed it with clear spray paint.

Now, it is proudly displayed on our front porch with our other Halloween decor :).
Reclaimed Wood Candy Corn Sign
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