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Monday, October 21, 2019

Five Little "Thumbkin" craft

Fall is one of the funnest times to do crafts with kids...the possibilities are endless! Have your kids make a Five Little Thumbkin craft, and the plus side is that it's so easy to customize to your kids' age and ability level.
Five Little "Thumbkins" craft

Cut a piece of black paper in half. Cut out a little gate out of white or tan paper.
Five Little "Thumbkins" craft

Glue the gate on and decorate it.
Five Little "Thumbkins" craft

Using a little bit of orange paint, dip your child's thumb into the pain and press five thumb prints on the gate. Let it dry.
Five Little "Thumbkins" craft

Paint a moon and leaves on the pumpkins, as well as jack-o-lantern faces.
Five Little "Thumbkins" craft

Then sing the 5 Little Pumpkin song! Or, you can make this Five Little Pumpkins craft.

Inspired by this pin. I'm linking up to What I Made Monday

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