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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Kids Craft: Paper Plate Submarine

This post is entirely dedicated to getting the song "We All Live in a Yellow Submarine" stuck in your head...just kidding ;).
This was a fun craft to do with my daughter because it used a few different art mediums...paint, markers, ripping/cutting paper, glue. I found the idea at Red Ted Art and made a few modifications to her submarine.

Here's what you need: paper plate, yellow paint, glue, blue paper, other colorful paper for fish, and scissors.

  1. Fold the plate in half and draw an outline of a submarine, with the deck of the submarine along the folded line. 
  2. Have your child paint the submarine yellow. Let it dry.
  3. Have your child tear or cut little pieces of blue paper. Glue those to the bottom of the submarine to make the water.
  4. Cut out some fish and glue those to the water (my daughter insisted they had to ride the submarine).
  5. On my submarine, I cut out some windows from white paper and colored them. Then I glued those on. 
  6. Cut out the submarine (including the water). Hang it up for all to see and start singing the song...
Have fun!

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