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Monday, January 13, 2014

Tank Cake

My husband requested a Tank Cake for his birthday recently and I was happy to oblige. After finding some inspirations from cakes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, I came up with this:Tank Cake The idea of trying to make the tank green camouflage stressed me out, so I decided to make a desert-colored brown tank, which was super simple! Though my husband said it looks more like a German tank in style.

Here’s what I did:
  1. I made two 9x13” chocolate cakes. The first cake I cut in half and trimmed off the sides like below:How to make a Tank Cake
  2. I layered the two rectangles with frosting in between.
  3. Then, with the other 9x13” cake I cut out two squares about 3 inches wide. I layered those on top of each other and put that on top of the cake to make the turret. I put them at an angle to make the tank look like it was turning to aim.
  4. I added a little bit of chocolate frosting to white frosting to make a tan color and frosted the whole cake. Then, on the sides, I used chocolate frosting.How to make a Tank Cake 
  5. I put Oreo cookies on the side to make the wheels and used small Hershey’s bars to make the tracks.How to make a tank cake
  6. Then, I cut a dowel to the length I wanted for the gun and shoved that into the cake. I covered it in frosting so it would match the tank.
  7. And, that was it! Now both of my boys want tank cakes for their birthdays too.
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  1. I said it looks like this particular German tank: http://militaryfactory.com/armor/imgs/panzer-8-pzkpfw-viii-maus.jpg Not just any German tank, because that is not true.