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Monday, April 8, 2013

Race Car Cake

My little boy turned 4 recently and he is totally into cars right now. When we accelerate quicker than normal while driving, he squeals with glee and begs us to drive like a race car again ;). So, for his birthday cake, race cars seemed fitting…Race car cake at whatilivefor.net

I just made a 9x13 strawberry cake (because his favorite color is pink right now). I leveled the top of the cake, made a road out of chocolate frosting, used white frosting to draw the lanes & finish line, and added grass.

My husband saw it and laughed because it’s another green and brown cake, much like this one, this one and this one, but C loved it and kept trying to drive the cars to the finish line :).

I’m so excited to see what C accomplishes as a 4 year old!

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  1. Oh how cute. You did a wonderful job with his cake. Thanks for sharing at Look What We Did.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes...I let him pick some cars at Walmart and washed them with some dishsoap before putting them on the cake. :)

  3. My grandson is totally into race cars. What a good idea.

  4. This is really cute. What a fun cake.

  5. What a clever idea for a simple yet cool cake!

  6. That is really cute - what a good idea. Hope he had a great birthday.

    Thanks for sharing. Visiting via RedTedArt.

  7. Thank you for linking to Mom's Library, this cake is similar to one I did for my son! I'll be featuring you on Wednesday, be sure to stop by again!
    Crystal, Co-host (www.crystalstinytreasures.com)

  8. Hi sweetie. this is really a fun idea. Thank you for linking it up with us at http://www.finecraftguild.com Please be so kind to add a link back at the end of your post to the party. That would be so appreciated!!Thank you, and cant wait to see what you'll show us again this week at the linky party!