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Friday, February 1, 2013

Handprint Valentines

My boys are growing up so fast and I feel like I’m constantly trying to find some way to preserve the way they are now…handprints and footprints seem to be one of the best ways to serve as a reminder of how small they were. Last year my boys made these adorable handprint Valentine’s for their Daddy and I really appreciated how simple they were to make, but also the simple yet powerful message they conveyed…P1030038

All you do is trace and cut out your child’s hands. Have them write or draw a message on it. The hand on the left was traced by my 4 year old and he wrote the little I “heart” U Dad on it. :).

Then take the two middle fingers and wrap them around a pencil. This will curl the fingers down making the handprint say I Love You in sign language.

I so wish I could remember where I found this idea!

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