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Monday, February 4, 2013

Felt Fortune Cookies

Ok, so Chinese New Year is coming up…Sunday February 10th. If you’re planning on celebrating, and if you’re looking for cute table decorations (or if you just LOVE fortune cookies…), try making these felt fortune cookies! These little cookies are also perfect for putting little love notes in for your significant other for Valentine’s Day this year!P1030052

They are super simple. Just cut out circles of felt. Mine were 2 1/2 or so inches across (I traced the lid of a mason jar directly onto the felt.


Fold the felt circle in half and at the center of the fold make 3 stitches as seen below…At the end of the stitches I made a little stitch across the bottom stitch (like crossing a T) to secure the stitches and tied it off.P1030047

Take the two sides of the half circle and fold them over to the stitches and insert a fortune or a love note. Then just adjust the sides until it looks like a fortune cookie.P1030050

And, you have a cute little fortune cookie. My hubby thought these were real fortune cookies until he picked them up so I am calling this project a success :).P1030055

Thank you so much Curly Birds! I loved having this creative gift for my husband last year for Valentine’s Day and I hope you all enjoy it too :).

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  1. :) They look so real! Super cute and easy project, right down my alley! Thanks for sharing it!