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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Alphabet: E for Elephant

E is for Elephant @ What I Live For


Who knew the letter E could make such a cute elephant? The bottom and middle horizontal lines make the elephant’s legs. The top line is the elephant’s trunk…just add a little curve to the line and make it a bit skinnier.

Add a tail, an ear, and a googly eye and you have your elephant!


  1. Cute! I was thinking about one of the other letters you created. Next week we start lessons back up and we're going to do this.

  2. Super cute pink 'E'. Elephants are so awesome.

  3. So cute! I found you through a link on interest. I'm not sure if I've visited before or not, but I have 2 boys, too! I happened to be looking for some boy fun ideas - that's how I found you!