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Monday, April 23, 2012

Dinosaur Party: Dinosaur Cake

To wrap up our week of dinosaur birthday party ideas, I wanted to show off the cake I made for K’s birthday party.

I was pretty thrilled when both of my boys asked for a dinosaur cake this year since their birthdays are 2 weeks apart…it just meant a little less creativity required on my part and C’s cake allowed me to learn and practice before K’s party where more people would actually see his cake :). P1030428

K begged me for a volcano so I took the corner I cut off at slant for the water, layered it on top of another corner and put a Ding Dong type snack on top of that. Even still this cake is not done to scale, but K loved it and I was pretty proud of how it came out. I also got to use some of the cute little dinosaurs I bought for the fossil eggs I made.

Happy Birthday K!


  1. I'm sure he knew you were the best mommy ever! You are soooo creative and your cake turned out beautiful!

  2. Awesome! How cool is it that you have two dinosaur lovers? The cake is great :D

  3. Oh man... I love dinosaurs... SO MUCH! Such a cute cake, love it!

  4. what a fabulous cake!! makes eating birthday cake even MORE fun!!

  5. What a cute party you threw!! Love the cake! We just had a pirate party on Sunday :-)

  6. That is so cool! I love the volcano. :D I just cannot manage cake (or cupcake!) decorating at all--it takes a lot of patience and a steady hand, two things I am lacking! ;)