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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Make your own Pinecone Wreath

I love wreaths…they’re so festive and make any door look cuter, but wreaths just aren’t something I can justify buying so I try my best to make them with my boys, and this one actually turned out pretty well for being stuff I found on the sidewalk and in my closet :).P1020591

All I used was a wire hanger, hot glue, a red ribbon and pinecones…

I untwisted the hanger and reshaped it into a circle.

Then I placed pinecones on the underside of the hanger and hot glued them to the hanger. At first they slide around a bit, but once you have several glued on next to each other they stay put. P1020588

This would be so fun to add dried leaves or acorns to, or other things you can find in nature and the best part is, it’s totally free! Plus, my boys and I had a blast collecting all of these pinecones at the local duck pond :).P1020592

I’ll be linking up to DIY Project Parade, Motivate Me Monday, Market Yourself Monday, Homemaker Monday, Making Monday Marvelous, Craftomaniac Monday, and Mommy Monday.


  1. Very cute. Kids love collecting things, especially when something is made from it.

  2. What a fun and simple nature project. I would never have thought to use a coat hanger. All of my pine cone bearing trees have bit the dust and I refuse to buy them. I guess I should take Little Bit for a nature walk once hunting season is over.