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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happiness is a Choice

Isn’t it amazing what lessons you can learn from your children?! We’re supposed to be teaching them and then suddenly, they teach us some profound concept leaving me with my mouth gaping open in shock.

The latest lesson my 4 year old has taught me is that happiness is a choice. He can be very whiny and very quick to tears for little to no reason at times. Eventually my husband and I got fed up with it and would often send him to his room until he could come out with a  happy face.

Boy did he learn quick! This little boy is to the point that as soon as we even mention his room, the tears disappear and he puts on the cheesiest smile possible. Each time he does it I’m shocked at his ability to just switch his mood with little effort and suddenly he’s fine.

And from this, I learn that happiness is truly a choice. We can cry or we can choose to put on a happy face which will lead to happy feelings eventually. We have control over our emotions.

This is the lesson that my 4 year old taught me :).


  1. I told my school kids that a fake smile is better than a real frown! Definitely changes their mood:)

  2. My daughter was about three and was having a tough time, I told her to go into her room and she came back and said "I'm going to be happy now" just like that. Whenever I'm having an off day I will remember that!! We can choose how we are going to respond to the events in our life, and since we can choose why not choose to be happy! Great lesson! Thanks for a great post!

  3. This was a great day for me to read that. Isn't it so much better to decide to have a great day? We can have an AWESOME day every day ...if we choose.
    thank you

  4. What a great lesson to learn. I try to work on that daily. Kids feed off of our moods. I find the more upbeat I am the more upbeat Little Bit is. Sometimes it's hard to choose well though ;D

  5. I love this. It is definitely true that we have control over our emotions. It just takes a little bit of an effort to change it around. Great post!

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  7. So true!

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