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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kids Patriotic Wreath

I’ve been searching and searching for patriotic crafts I can do with my boys that don’t require buying more craft supplies and when Gluesticks posted her Patriotic Wreath, I knew it was something I could make kid friendly! DSCN5509

First we printed out a lot of star templates on cardstock paper and my boys colored them red and blue (my husband thought I was making a “nice” wreath and when he saw this said they looked like scribbles…I think they look like fireworks :)). Cut all those stars out.DSCN5498

Take a butter knife and straight edge (ruler or 3x5 card) and score lines from each point of the star to the center between two points directly across from it. This helps make the lines of your stars nice and crisp when you make them 3D. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you should be able to see the score lines I made.DSCN5504

Fold along the score lines you just made so your star looks like the picture below…DSCN5503

Make a wreath out of light cardboard (see, more cereal boxes!)DSCN5506

Hot glue your stars to the cardboard making sure not to burn yourself and glue a ribbon to the back of the finished wreath.DSCN5507

Hang your wreath and take this opportunity to remind yourself and your kids how blessed they are to live in this country. I know there are many wonderful countries in this world but I truly am so proud to be an American and love this country!DSCN5510

I’m linking up to Crafty Soiree, Preschool Corner Friday, What Are Little Boys Made Of? Kids Crafts, 4th of July Party, and High Paw.


  1. Awesome! My boys and I made some 4th of July patriotic wreaths this morning also! ~ Lisa


  2. That is the neatest little wreath, I will have to do that withmy kids this weekend. Wanted to thank you for linking up to the Thankful for Friends hop! I am your newestfan :) can't wait to read more :)

  3. Oh this takes me back - I remember these stars from my childhood! Thanks for the reminder. Will HAVE to make these with my kids!!!!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!