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Friday, June 24, 2011

Cut Out Bird Feeder

If you have a bit of cardboard, peanut butter and some sunflower seeds or bird seed, you and your kiddos can make a cute little bird feeder…DSCN5482

Just cut out the cardboard into any shape you want (recognize our shape?) and punch a hole somewhere on your shape…DSCN5476

Have your child spread peanut butter over one side of the cut out and place that side face down in a plate of sunflower or bird seeds…DSCN5480

Repeat on the other side.

Tie a string to your shape and hang it in a tree for the birds to enjoy :). This is a great way to help bring nature to your backyard for your children to see.

I’m linking up to What Are Little Boys Made Of?, High Paw and Preschool Corner Friday.


  1. I bet the birds tore that up! They love peanut butter treats. Pre-Little Bit Hubs and I used to be avid bird watching fans. Now that Little Bit is a bit bigger I think we are going to pick it back up. He adores watching the Robins bob around the front yard.

  2. Love how simple & quick it can be done. We'll probably try this over the weekend.

  3. How fun! Who knew birds like peanut butter too? :) I'm definitely going to try this this weekend. Thanks for stopping by this week!

  4. I love it! Hopefully squirrels won't get to them!

  5. My kids used to make these all the time when they were little. They would get so excited to see the birds eating their seeds. Fun project!

  6. Neat! We made bird feeders out of bagels, peanut butter and birdseed. The kids loved it :)

    I'm following you back!


  7. I will surely need to make one with my girl! :) Thanks for linking at last week's High paw! Join us again this week! :)

  8. So cute! We'll have to try it this way too! Thanks for stopping by Reading Confetti! Lorie