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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Graduation Gift: Recipe Book

If you’re looking for a practical gift for the graduate in your life, give them a recipe book with all of the family’s favorite recipes. DSCN5361
Above is the recipe book my mom gave me when I graduated high school and I have used this book several times a week ever since…all of my favorite recipes have been written in it, and I have continued adding recipes through the years.

This is a perfect, frugal way to send a bit of home with your kids/siblings/graduates.

Thanks Simple Mom for reminding me how much I love this gift!
I’m linking up to Works for Me Wednesday.


  1. This was done for my sister-in-law as a wedding gift from a bunch of us. Very cool idea and very touching.

  2. I definitely enjoyed your mom's gift as well. ;) Great idea!

  3. Great idea! Think my daughter could use that for next year. Probably with some simple college meals to help her while she's away.

  4. That is a great graduation gift idea!