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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paper Mache Ghost

I have been seeing these adorable cheesecloth ghosts all over bloggy land and was dying to try it, but since we didn't have cheesecloth, I thought I would give paper mache a try!Paper Mache Ghost
This is cheap, easy, messy and fun for your kids, especially if they actually want to help :). I had fun at least...

All you need is scissors, newspaper, white paint, a balloon, something wirey to make a stand out of (I used a metal hanger), and paste made of one part water to one part flour.

Paper mache ghost standBlow up your balloon...and the other two that are required to keep your kiddos happy... and make your stand by twisting a circle in the center and bending both ends up to rest your ghost's arms on like below

Mix your paste and the random newspaper that got thrown inStir paste
Take one quarter of a sheet of newspaper and quickly dunk your newspaper in the paste and pull it out. Smear it between your hands to cover in the paste. If you dunk it in and let it sit, it will disintegrate into newspaper gooeyness that will never be useful again (ask me how I know!). Spread paste with your hands all over the newspaper without totally drenching it.

Drape the sheet of paper so it covers half of the balloon and hangs over your arm stand. Repeat with a second sheet of newspaper to cover the other half of your balloon and other arm stand.

Drape newspaperNow start draping sheets or strips of newspaper (whichever you want to deal with) all over your balloon without tearing the initial sheets your draped to provide several layers everywhere. It should all hang from the balloon and stand just like a ghost. Make sure to smooth it all out as you go with your hands.

Once you have enough layers, let dry overnight or longer depending on how thick your mache is.Let dry
Pop your balloon and gently pull the stand out.

Using scissors, tidy up the bottom edge of your ghost.Remove stand and balloon Cut out eyes and a mouth with a knife or box cutterCut out eye holes and paint your cute little ghost whitePaint your paper mache ghost Now you can amaze your husband with your serious paper mache skills and display your ghost proudly for all to see!Paper Mache Ghost I'm linking up to Fine Craft Guild, Crazy Cute Link Party @ Between U & Me, Pony Tails & Fish Scales, Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tail @ Seven Thirty Three, Get Your Craft on Thursday @ Life as Lori, Theme Party Thursday @ Ain't She Crazy?, and Strut Your Stuff Thursday @ Somewhat Simple.

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  1. This is really cute! I love that it looks like he is jumping out of the pumpkin. :) Thanks for linking it up to Theme Party Thursday!