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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bats, Bats, Bats

If you're anything like me, you usually don't want to spend a fortune on holiday decorations, or have to store those decorations, but since you have kids or guests or whatever, you feel like you need to do at least something...

When I read Dana's post on her bats and saw how amazing her walls look with her flock (do bats fly in flocks?) of bats, I wanted to give it a shot. You really must click over to her post to see what inspired me!

With the two sheets of black paper I had, I drew a bat wing template (using Country Living's PDF as a guide)  that would fit 4 bats to a page, folded lengthwise. Bat templateI just held the template on the paper as I cut and with my 8 cute little bats, we flew all over my apartment looking for somewhere to liven up. DSCN4173  Apartment living really puts a kink in decorating, especially when you're limited on where you're allowed to hang stuff up(!). So, we stuck with the wall in our living area. I doubt they'll stay up long with how fascinated K was with my bats, but for now it looks fun and festive...and it cost me nothing!Bats on the wall
If these get ruined, or I don't want to store them, I can make them again next year :).


  1. That's totally how I decorate for Halloween. Cheap and easily replaceable. I don't have the space otherwise. And those, bats are undeniably adorable. I love it! Thanks for your sweet comment today.


  2. I love these, Judy. How well I remember apartment living! Stop by and link them up if you have time. :)