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Monday, January 15, 2018

Rainbow Mosaic

Lately, I've been re-doing a lot of the crafts I had done with my boys...but this time with my 3 year old daughter. It's fun to see how the crafts end up with the difference in personality and preferences. She loves rainbows and requested we make a rainbow craft, so we created our own rainbow mosaic.
Rainbow Mosaic

This is the perfect toddler crafts because it helps them work on fine and gross motor skills, hand/eye coordination, color recognition, and so much more.

When I made this with my boys, I printed out a rainbow to fill in with the papers, but this time we just eye-balled it. We used a magazine and tore up pieces paper in each color we needed.

I spread the glue in bands (one at a time) and she placed the torn paper on the glue.
Rainbow Mosaic
Here's a little video of the process:
I'll be linking up to Tip Tuesday with Tip Junkie.

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