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Monday, May 23, 2016

Sports Cupcakes

My boys had a combined birthday party last month, and since they are both playing sports right now, I thought these cupcakes were perfect:
Sport Cupcakes
I had a mixture of cupcakes (chocolate and vanilla) and only used two cans of frosting for the 48 cupcakes I made (chocolate and vanilla).

For the basketball cupcakes, I used red and yellow food coloring in vanilla frosting to make orange. I spread that on, and then piped chocolate frosting on to make the lines.

For the baseball, I frosted the cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and colored a little bit of vanilla frosting red to pipe the laces on.

For the football, I covered the cupcakes in chocolate frosting and piped vanilla frosting on for the laces.

For the soccer ball, I frosted the cupcakes with vanilla. Then, I piped hexagons onto it with chocolate frosting and filled in some of the hexagons.

I found sport invitations, plates, napkins and cups at Dollar Tree which tied it all together.
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