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Monday, February 22, 2016

Plastic Spoon Ants

Even though my boys are getting older, they still love doing crafts, and especially anything to do with bugs! They had a blast making these ants out of plastic spoons:
Plastic spoon ants @ whatilivefor.net

I found this adorable craft at Paging Fun Mums.
Just break most of the handle off of two plastic spoons.

Lay the spoons across each other with both spoons facing down, and wrap three pipe cleaners around the handles (the torso of the ant).

Bend the pipe cleaners so they look like legs.
Plastic spoon ants @ whatilivefor.net
 Hot glue some googly eyes to one of the spoons, and you have a cute little ant...well, a rather large ant :)
Plastic spoon ants @ whatilivefor.net
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