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Monday, June 30, 2014

Popsicle Stick American Flag Craft

My boys have been begging to do crafts on a daily basis lately and this Popsicle stick American flag was so much fun, and perfect for their ability levels!Popsicle Stick American Flag @ whatilivefor.net You will need 13 Popsicle sticks, paint (red, white and blue), an empty cereal box, school glue, ribbon, and a hot glue gun (optional). I realize these aren’t the shape of the flag, but I thought the symbolism of having 13 stripes was more important than having a rectangular flag.

  1. Spread some newspaper out to protect your work surface. Lay your Popsicle sticks side by side. Popsicle Stick American Flag @ whatilivefor.net
  2. Separate the top 7 sticks. These will be half blue and half stripes.
  3. Paint a line down the middle of the 7 sticks and have your child paint one side blue.  Popsicle Stick American Flag @ whatilivefor.net
  4. Separate 4 of the sticks you just painted half blue and 3 plain sticks. Those will be red. If needed, find a picture of an American flag to use as reference.
  5. The rest of the sticks will be your white stripes. When your child is done painting it should look something like this:Popsicle Stick American Flag @ whatilivefor.net
  6. Let the paint dry then have your child paint little white dots in the blue to make the stars. Challenge them to get 50 if they are old enough. Talk to them about what the 50 stars represent…the 50 wonderful states that make our country :).Popsicle Stick American Flag @ whatilivefor.net
  7. Once that is dry, flip your flag over, making sure to keep them in the same order. Put a strip of school glue along both ends, making sure to get some on each stick. Popsicle Stick American Flag @ whatilivefor.net
  8. Cut two strips off of your cereal box and put them on the glue to hold all of the sticks together. Popsicle Stick American Flag @ whatilivefor.net
  9. When that is dry, use school glue (or hot glue for faster results) to attach your ribbon and hang your flags with pride!Popsicle Stick American Flag @ whatilivefor.net
Popsicle Stick American Flag @ whatilivefor.net
Thank you A Pumpkin & A Princess, and stlMotherhood for the inspiration!

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  1. Visiting from WFMW, and I have to say your little flags are adorable! Having just celebrated Canada Day yesterday, I wish it worked as well with our flag, lol! Great job, so cute.