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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Echoes of Mercy Book Review

Disclosure: I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

I love reading historical novels. I usually find them intriguing and love learning new things about events that happened in the past. Echoes of Mercy by Kim Vogel Sawyer was one of those books. This is a book set in the early 1900’s and the main character Caroline Lang is working to help end child labor. I have not read a lot about the child labor movement and found the book fascinating as it opened ideas and events to me that I had no idea about before.

Some other thoughts I’ve had about this book:

  • It is very Christian. It is uplifting but has a strong Christian theme where the main characters are trying to bring others to Christ.
  • The story is written from many different characters’ perspectives. It was a little disjointed at times, but made it interesting.
  • There is a definite feminine tone to the book….sometimes it’s a little overly girly.
  • The writing is fluid and well-edited.
  • The love story in this book drove me a little crazy sometimes; it felt drawn-out and overdone.
  • The over-all story line was convincing and didn’t feel forced.
  • This was not a book that I couldn’t put down but I enjoyed reading it casually in my free time. It was easy to pick right up from where I left off.
This book left me with a feeling of gratitude for the times I was born into and the life I have been blessed to lead. I’m grateful for those who fought the child labor problems so that children could obtain better educations and spend their childhoods as children instead of working. Overall, Echoes of Mercy was a pleasant read that I could happily recommend to others.

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