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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Woolzies Review

I’ve been going through all sorts of thoughts/issues regarding my laundry lately such as:

  • Using dyer sheets instead of foil balls because I abhor static, and the foil balls just weren’t cutting it!
  • Wondering if dryer sheets are really worth the lack of static because of all the chemicals they put on our clothes/inside our dryer.
  • Getting super frustrated that the bed sheets just won’t dry and end up in a big, soggy, tangled ball
  • Standing in the laundry aisle at the store, wondering if a plastic/rubber dryer ball would really solve all my problems.

Woolzies Dryer BallsAnyhow, when I got the opportunity to try out Woolzies XL Dryer Balls, I was excited to put dryer balls to the test. Why should you use Woolzies Dryer Balls in your dryer? Because they can reduce drying time 25%, saving on energy and your time. The rubber/plastic dryer balls you may have seen in stores/on tv can wear down leaving chemicals on your clothes and in your dryer. Woolzies are obviously made of wool and don’t have those chemicals in them. They also last at least 1000 loads!

My review? Well, there is still a lot of static in my loads which drives me bonkers! It’s a little bit of a hassle trying to keep track of all 6 balls after every load…they like to hide in the clothes and I always feel like I’m losing them. But, I washed and dried a load of twin sheets, and later a load of queen size sheets and both loads were completely dry after one cycle!!! No bunchy, soggy sheet corners. This one fact makes using the dryer balls totally worth it for me :).

Disclosure: I received Woolzies Dryer Balls for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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