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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Clothespin Airplanes

Make cute, simple airplanes with your kids using things you likely have on hand already…Clothespin Airplane @ whatilivefor.net

All you need is a clothespin and 3 popsicle sticks.

Cut 1/2 inch off of the end of one of the popsicle sticks and cut the rounded end off the other side. Have your kids paint the popsicle sticks and clothespin.

Hot glue the two whole popsicle sticks near the opening of the clothespin to form the wings. Glue the shorter rectangular popsicle stick on the back and if your kids really, really, really have to have a tail with the part standing up, glue the 1/2 inch piece on standing up.

This is a perfect craft when you’re stuck indoors due to rain, snow, or extreme summer heat! Thank you iCraftGifts for the fun idea.

I’ll be linking up to Kids Get Crafty, Works for Me Wednesday, Look What We Did, Mom’s Library, What are little boys made of? Clever Chicks Blog Hop, Share it Saturday, and Fine Craft Guild.


  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!

  2. These are cute. Do they fly?

    1. No...I'm pretty sure that's what my boys were attempting when one of the planes lost it's wings ;).