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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dog House from a Box

If you’ve been to my house recently, you’ve probably heard a lot of barking! My boys are both in crazy doggie obsession phases and love either pretending that they are dogs or playing with their stuffed animal doggies. And now, we have a real, live puppy, so the barking level has only increased :).

So, why not make those stuffed animals their very own doghouse?!Dog house from a box @ whatilivefor.net
To make our doghouse, I cut the inside flaps off the bottom of the box (the outside flaps are still taped together).

I taped the cut flaps to the flaps on the top of the box. Then I taped them together on top to make a tapered roof. Making the dog house roof
The other flaps on top were cut to the shape of the tapered roof, and the pieces I cut off were taped to the triangle shaped flaps to close off the top.Tape the roof together
We then cut out an entrance and had some quality control testing…Cut a door
Add some small pieces of cut up cardboard in bowls for the dogs’ food and water and you are all set for hours of play and accompanied barking :) Cardboard dog house at whatilivefor.net
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  1. My kids would love this, and I actually think I have a few boxes I could use, thanks for the idea!

  2. This is seriously adorable and so simple! Great idea!