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Friday, October 28, 2011

Batty Lampshade

I know Halloween is just around the corner and time is definitely running out for fun Halloween crafts but this is so simple and quick to do, but looks so cool!

Cut out some bats from plain white paper and tape them to the inside of your lampshade. During the day the bats are hardly visible (if at all) but when night falls and you turn the lamp on, suddenly a colony of bats is flying across the lamp shade!


My favorite part is that if you only use a small piece of tape on the body of the bat, the wings aren’t pressed up against the lamp shade and the effect it gives makes it look like the bats are flying! This is definitely not my favorite lamp in the world and I highly doubt I’ve ever smiled at it this much, but it’s a fun way to dress up what you already have :).


  1. What a fantastic idea! I can't wait to surprise the kids tonight with this.

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog and for your insightful comments.

  2. That is a really neat idea Judy. Makes me wish I had a lampshade around here somewhere ;D

  3. This is so cute! And so easy...I might just have time to do this before Monday!

    I also wanted to let you know that I made some Jack 'o lantern jars, and they turned out so cute! Thanks for the idea!

    Jack 'o lantern jars

  4. Such a great idea. Simple, inexpensive yet packs a great punch for Halloween Decorations.
    Stopping by from the Blog Hop.
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  5. What a great simple idea. I love that you could use white paper instead of black - I can recycle and reuse scratch paper. I'm not very crafty, so simple things like this makes me feel like Martha Stewart (eheehe). Glad I found your post from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands.

  6. That is such a simple and creative thing to do with little kids!! So cool!! Thanks for sharing this and linking it up over the the Share Your blog posts meme! :)

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has 2 Hands!

  7. What a creative idea and so simple and fun! ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/Weidknect Planet

  8. cute! Wow we can incorporate that in many different holidays.

  9. @Help! Mama Remote...exactly what I was thinking! Get ready for multiple lampshade posts over the year :).

  10. Okay that is super cool, bats are my favorite. I so need you to come over and decorate our place.