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Monday, July 11, 2011

Monster Shootout

At hubby’s boss’ 4th of July party, my boys were given some water guns. In true boy fashion they have loved them and asked to play with them frequently ever since.
After being inspired by ikatbag’s Germ Warfare, I decided last week that we could have a monster shootout!Monster Shootout
I glued blank paper to an empty cereal box and cut out several monsters. K dictated what kind of faces they should have (and was very particular about the mouths especially…no smiling monsters!). Older kids can do the cutting and decorating.

I then cut out a narrow strip from the cereal box and cut two slits in it. Two slits were also cut in the bottom of each monster. (The slits are a little hard to see, but I think it conveys the point well enough…sorry he’s presoaked).DSCN5556
The strips were then inserted into the monster’s slits to create stands.DSCN5551
Take all the monsters outside, line them up and have your little guy or gal wipe them out! K shot at the monsters with squeals of excitement every time I set them back up…then I got sprayed :). This was a great way for K to work on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while having a wonderful time.

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  1. Following from blog hop!


  2. Looks awesome - must have been a really fun day! Following you from the Terrific Tuesday Hop and hoping you can return the love. You can find me at Yankee Texan Mom or Mama's Money Tree

  3. Now THIS, is BRILLIANT!!!! What summer fun!! I love it love it love it!!!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty! :-)


  4. I love this idea! My boys would too. I'm assuming they eventually got too soaked to use anymore.

  5. @Ticia, actually it was hot enough that day that the monsters had time to dry out between shootouts though the did start curling and losing their balance a bit easier :). I think they were completely dry when I did eventually throw them away too.

  6. I planed to make some bottles with holes in caps so kids can sprinkle each other,and now you come with those monsters.And now the idea is complete!

  7. Awesome idea! Love it! :) Featuring at this week's High paw! Thanks for joining us!