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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Story: Life Since High School

To be honest, I have only been out of high school for 6 1/2 years, and yet so much has happened to me since that time!

Right after graduation, I flew to NYC with my city orchestra where we would perform in...

Carnegie Hall! It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and made each and every practice and rehearsal worth it. We got a standing ovation...the only high school group performing that day that did so.
I spent a month after this with my aunt who lives in New York and it was my first time away from home for so long. It was the perfect preparation for leaving for college.

That fall, I left for BYU. The night before I left at family prayer everyone was sobbing because life was changing in a way we could never reverse. I was leaving home. Since then, it has honestly been hard watching my siblings who still live together bond and love each other so much. The lives they are living are not entirely part of mine anymore and I am constantly out of the loop.

However, I would never give up the life I lead now. During my freshman year, I started dating this guy...my first boyfriend ever. Within 3 weeks, we knew we could be happily married to each other for eternity. We did wait though.

On March 9th of my sophomore year, that guy, the man of my dreams, proposed to me. I said yes and at the end of June that year, we were married for eternity. I do not believe that death separates us from those we love, and as such, why would I ever promise to love this man until I die?

We decided not to wait to have children, and about 10 months after we were married, we welcomed a baby boy, our wonderful little K into our lives and our hearts. I was still going to school full time, and having a baby the week before finals week definitely caused a stir, but we made it through, and I went to school full time for one more year, trading K back and forth on campus between classes.

I don't know how I did it, but I remember being bored for a while after I finished school, and yet rejoicing that my time was now devoted to K.

My husband graduated a semester after me, and 3 months later, C entered our home.

We moved that fall so my husband could attend law school and we now find ourselves in the midst of his second year. As we wait for school to finish and this season of our lives to pass into the next, we are loving life as much as we can. We have known nothing but school, apartment living and tight budgets, but we are truly happy and love each other. How can I ask for more?

I apologize that this was so long, but this is our final week of Mommy's Piggy Tales. If you wish to learn about this project, which will be starting again in October, head over and talk to Janna!


  1. Wow, having a baby right before finals--eek! I don't know how you did it all, with you both being in school and trading K and all, but you sure sound happy doing it. :-)

  2. What a gorgeous wedding photo! What a wonderful life...I've enjoyed reading your posts these past few weeks!

    If you would like to write some more detailed posts about your "young adult life," join me at Mommy's Piggy Tales on Mondays! I'll be guest posting for six weeks starting on October 11, and would love to have you join our group! Just email me at lemondroppie(at)gmail(dot)com if you are interested!

  3. Oh my goodness, you do live a whirlwind life. A baby and finals wouldn't seem to mix, but I'm glad it all worked out. Love the wedding photo.

  4. Wow! What an exciting college career you've had with marriage and two babies! I'm not sure I could have done it or been ready for that. Beautiful wedding picture! I've really enjoyed reading about your journey in life. Thank you so much for sharing.