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Friday, September 17, 2010

Candy Corn Door Hanging

Oh candy corn...that sweet, addicting candy that by the wisdom of anyone who sells it is only available for a brief time each year. Trust me...my hips thank them, though I think about candy corn sporadically throughout the year.

Now, with these wonderfully plush candy corn door hangings, I can enjoy them (at least visually) throughout the year. If I take them off the ribbon, my boys can squish and hug and love candy corn whenever they darn well please...without the cavities :)DSCN3953 This is another project that is wonderful for using up scraps of fabric if you have a million of every color. Make them more exciting by using prints on some of your colors.

Print off the template below or draw one of your own. Each of the layers will not line up perfectly if you lay them next to each because there is additional allowance for the smaller layers to compensate for the seam allowances. image0-1 image1
Cut out two of each layer, and one of the bottom. From here on out I will refer to each layer by the number given them in the picture below. Yes, I know the tutorial is of Indian Corn, but it's almost as good, right? :)DSCN3783
Line up the bottom of piece number 1 with the top of piece number 2 with right sides facing each other, like below. Sew them together along that line.DSCN3791
Line up the bottom of number 2 with the top of number 3 with right sides facing together, like you just did. Sew those together.

Press your seams nice and flat.

Repeat with the other side.DSCN3784
Lay your two sides together, right sides facing each other and sew together except for the bottom. I found it easiest to start from the tip and work my way down, then go back up again for the other side.DSCN3785
With your candy corn still inside out, sew the bottom piece to the bottom of your candy corn, pivoting at each of the corners. Be sure to leave a wide enough gap for turning it right side out.DSCN3786
Turn right side out DSCN3787 And stuff!

Hand sew the opening closed
DSCN3789 and enjoy the plush goodness of candy corn :)
If you want to make a door hanging, you can use thread and just thread it through the top of your candy corn. I had a large needle that allowed me to thread ribbon through. I tied knots below each of them to hold them in place and hung it proudly on my door, much to the dismay of my boys who thought I was making them toys to play with. You could also resize the pattern and make a variety of sizes.

You could hang them in bunches, or just let them set on a table as a centerpiece.DSCN3792
For more Halloween/fall fun, check out my Jack-O-Lanterns from a Jar!

Thank you Sew Totally Smitten for the inspiration!

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  1. what a great idea! i loooove candy corn, lol. they're like the first sign of fall to me, when they appear on store shelves! popping in from fun to craft. hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    This is adorable and I love your little guy's idea on turning one into a hat! Wouldn't that be a cute costume idea too?? :)

  3. Your Candy Corn pillows turned out so cute and your 3 boys are just precious. I can understand why they were a little put off when you hung them up. To them they are nothing more then something they can throw and play with!!

    BTW- I never thought about making them for a centerpiece. Great idea.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend