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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teaching Kids To Give

In an effort to de-junk, I realized what a ridiculous amount of toys my children have. As I inventoried the toys in their room I realized how rarely they play with many of them and decided their room was next.

I was stressing quite a bit about K's reaction to losing a bunch of toys. I considered having my husband take the boys out for an hour or two, but felt strongly that K needed to be part of this process.

When I told him some of his toys were going bye-bye, naturally he flipped! Oops!

After he had calmed down, I explained to K that some little boys do not have any toys and that we were going to give some toys to other little boys. He embraced this idea and readily took toys and threw them into the giveaway box. As the box grew fuller, K got more excited. It made my heart melt to see how willing he was to give.

Until that box was gone, K regularly reminded me that those toys were for other little boys and he never tried to take any of those toys out of the box.

I often forget how smart my kids are, and how ready they can be to grasp new concepts. I am so thankful that K was willing to share and give to others and hope that we will continue to teach each other such important lessons.

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