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Friday, May 21, 2010

Lowe's Build and Grow Clinics

Lowe's regularly holds fun clinics for kids to build different crafts. My husband is taking K tomorrow and I think they will have a blast building this catapult:

Of course, my husband reminded me that I was sending him to Lowe’s and asked if I realized how dangerous such a request was. Yes, I do, but I still think K would have a blast, and Daddy/son time is priceless.

The recommended age is 1st-5th grade, but I called our local Lowe’s and they said any age can come. You sign up here, and print/sign a waiver to take with you. The clinic goes from 10-11:00.

Not only do you get a fun craft, but you get an apron, goggles and a patch upon completion of your project. Let me know if you go and how it works out for your kids!


  1. That catapult looks so cute! I think my daughter would enjoy building it with her dad!

  2. wow, that's an awesome idea. Will you update on how it went with a little guy?
    Mine is almost three, and he might use it against his baby brother but....he would LOVE IT!