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Thursday, April 22, 2010

We Are Beautiful

I have always found it amazing how much our own impression of ourselves can affect how we see ourselves. It is like there is a filter over our eyes that prevents us from seeing what is really there. It's like those mirrors in the fun house that distort your reflection.

When my husband and I first started dating, I felt a change within myself. As he told me more and more that he loved me or that I was pretty, my self image began to change. For the first time in my life, I could regularly look in the mirror and see myself as someone beautiful. Because of his love, I was better able to see myself for who I was and love myself.

Since then, I have been pregnant twice and my stomach has suffered greatly. I definitely have that "baby pooch" and constantly find myself sucking it in. After C was born, I was extremely self conscious until one of my friends exclaimed how I looked like I had never been pregnant. After several other friends said similar things, I started seeing myself through their eyes. I realized that my pooch really wasn't that huge, and even if I do have a pooch, I earned it! I put my body through a lot of stress and strain to carry two babies to term, to give them life.

Those tired eyes, the gross hair-I earned those! C had been clingy all week and wouldn't let me put him down. I got nothing done. I was exhausted and he was miserable, but no matter how I looked, all C wanted was me.

He loves me for me as should I.

No matter what faults we find in our bodies, I truly think that in some way or other, we have earned them. They are a reminder of what we have accomplished, or what we have been through. Scars, stretch marks, freckles, pale skin. For some reason or other, our body is the way it is. The best we can do is to take care of the body God so graciously gave us, and treat it as best we can.

Kim at Mom Tried It is encouraging every woman to think about the part of them they dislike most and reconsider. Whether or not you post about it doesn't matter. What you think of yourself is the point. We are beautiful...just ask those who love you most.


  1. I love how you took the approach of your son looking at you and wanting you no matter how you look. Funny how kids see things, but don't look at the same things we do. I guess that is why kids and animals are such good judges of character. They focus on different areas than we tend to.
    I love this post and you are very beautiful!
    Thank you so much for participating. It is helping me and I hope it helps others. :-)

  2. Oh, your little C is adorable! And you, my friend, are beautiful!

  3. Thank you for sharing. My son is sick right now and I feel just the same way. It's so nice to hear your positive perspective on being a mommy and how it changes us.

  4. Oh Mama exhaustion! I can certainly relate. Still you look awesome for someone dealing with a cranky child all day! I loved this: "He loves me for me as should I." Simple words, but full of meaning.

  5. Awww...I LOVED this!!!

  6. Wow. Wow Wow. Need I say more. Talking about a reality check.

  7. Isn't it amazing how the kids always can say just the right thing when we need it.

  8. Thanks for sharing your story about body image! I'm currently hosting Yummy Mummy Week- a week of featured bloggers and giveaways about Motherhood. I'm also hosting a bloghop about and asking moms to share their stories, mommyfessions and photos of motherhood and body image. I'd love it if you'd submit your atticle to the blog hop and if you like what you see tell your readers about it..

  9. Wow, that was a wonderful post to read! Thanks so much for sharing it. It's so nice to read about the strength other moms are finding through their family and faith. You're an inspiration!