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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mama Guilt Mondays: Shots

Last week, C had his 1 year well check. At the end, the nurse came in and told me he would need FIVE shots! She asked if I wanted to do them all or space them out, and I said to just get it over with. C has never had too much trouble after his shots so I wasn't particularly worried.

After he had his shots, as soon as I picked him up he stopped crying and I made sure he had some Tylenol to ease the pain. We went shopping after wards and he was totally fine.

That afternoon, after his nap, he started crying and would not stop. He didn't want to be held, which broke my heart, so I put him down and he doubled over. He couldn't crawl or stand up, and just kept crying. I felt so horrible! He was miserable with a fever for four days after his shots.

I've learned my lesson; never again will I have my kids get 5 shots at once! It's worth it to split them up. I still feel bad. Last week was hard! I didn't get anything done because C wanted to be held constantly.

I forget how happy my children are until they get sick and go several days without smiling. C is like a totally different kid from who I saw last week.

Mama Guilt Mondays

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  1. I know, it's hard when they don't feel well. The one good thing is they like to be cuddled more! Glad he's doing better now.

    Thanks for linking up and sharing YOUR story!