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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Big oops!
So yesterday, K was sick and throwing up like crazy. I was cleaning up like crazy. My washing machine saw more use in one day than it ever has before.

Finally, the boys are in bed and all I have left is the pillow to wash. The tag says put in another pillow to balance the washer so I start looking around for a pillow. Cue throw pillows. These gorgeous babies came with a couch from my husband's grandmother. It was time for a wash, so in they went.

The washer finishes and I go to open it and just burst out laughing. I must have been certifiably crazy by this point after cleaning up puke and changing millions of diapers (perhaps a slight exaggeration?) because all I could do was laugh. Apparently, the throw pillows are full of foam. Who fills throw pillows with foam anyhow?

Those poor pillows had met their match. The washer tore one of the pillows to shreds. All I could see was a sea of yellow foam.
I think my washer went through identity crisis as I was vacuuming it out, and I wish I had taken a picture before I took the other pillow out; the foam originally covered everything and was all I could see. When all was said and done, the foam filled up half of a kitchen size garbage bag.

I don't think I've fully recovered from the stress of yesterday because I still find it oddly hilarious!


  1. Washing Machine - 1
    Pillow - 0

    Long day for you - good thing you kept your sense of humor.

  2. LOL I'd hate to clean that up. And at first, I thought someone had dumped corn flakes in your washer and a plastic tv dinner tray.

    I was EEKing at the mess, literally.