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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Mom & Me craft: Hand Print Polar Bears

 Most of the crafts I've done with my kids over the years have involved me supervising while they craft, but occasionally it's fun to craft with them. My daughter loved making these "Mom & Me Hand Print Polar Bears" not too long ago.

Mom & Me Hand Print Polar Bear Craft

I got the idea from Simple Everyday Mom. All you need is a glue stick, googly eyes, construction paper and scissors!

It's so easy to customize. 

  1. Just start with a background paper. 
  2. Add some ice bergs in other colors.
  3. Cut out some brown trees (I just free-handed it)
  4. Trace your and your child's hand print on white paper. Glue it to the paper.
    1. Cut that out and draw little toes on the fingers.
    2. Over the thumb, glue a white circle.
  5. Cut out ears and glue those on. Add some googly eyes or draw them on.
  6. Add a cute little nose and smile and your polar bears are done! I drew my toes/face and my daughter drew hers. 

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